Uptime Solutions Technology

The Only Truly Wireless System for Spectrum & Waveform

Technology behind Uptime Solutions
Software flowchart

Uptime Solutions offers a full range of machinery health and diagnostic tools. The capture system is fully wireless using high powered 900MHz radios for long range capture applications and WIFI (802.11) radios for high speed capture. A full Software Suite provides a real time monitor, and data historian, and trend capability. Frequency domain analysis is facilitated by advanced analysis features to mark critical frequencies, harmonics, and sidebands; data can be displayed in a variety of scales and units can display in Orders.

High Performance Vibration System

  • Noise Floor
    • High performance piezo crystals provide 10x better performance than MEMS systems.
  • Long Range 900Mhz Radio
    • Free air range in miles. More coverage means easier installation and less infrastructure.
  • Single or Triple axis
    • XYZ in one unit, high performance piezo
  • Higher Spectral Resolutions
    • Up to 51,200 Lines of resolution (Uptime) vs. 1600 (KCF)
  • High performance Digital Signal processing with FIPS-compatible AES security
  • Powerful enterprise-class software suite

High Performance Radio

  • 900Mhz radios have 5-10 times the range of short range 2.4 GHz radios
  • 900Mhz frequencies have less interference than 2.4 GHz radios which compete with WLAN, microwaves, and Bluetooth systems
  • 2.4GHz frequencies are absorbed much easier by walls, water vapor, and have less ability to bounce around and through objects. Range is severely limited in an industrial environment

High Performance TRIAX

  • TRIAX with simultaneous sampling and temperature; all Piezo crystals

High Performance Resolution

  • Uptime provides up to 51,200 lines of resolutions simultaneously on 3 Axes

High Performance Digital Processing & Security

  • Powerful onboard processor allows complex functions to augment analysis
  • Customized per customer to SOLVE complex problems
  • Advanced high security AES Encryption and link protection

High Performance Enterprise Class Software

  • Full application suite for desktop
  • Data is secure and managed within a firewall
  • Web-based offsite can be enabled with HTTPS
  • Email alerts and complex alarm settings
  • Historian and analyzer with full capabilities
  • Bearing analysis built-in with order based tracking
  • Demodulation and high frequency shock analysis