Cooling Tower Chaos – Vibration Monitoring System Client Story

Invaluable Data Allows Our Client to Avoid System Downtime

In early 2016, one of our clients was monitoring a Cooling Tower fan gearbox using the Uptime Solutions wireless vibration monitoring system. The advanced wireless technology that the Uptime Solutions system utilizes allowed the user to track a defect on a 24/7 scale.

Condition and vibration  Monitoring System for paper mill machinesAfter closely monitoring, the client was able to determine if the equipment was going to be able to run at normal capacity until scheduled downtime during which they could make the necessary fixes and changes. Because of the speed and accuracy of the data that the Uptime Solutions wireless monitoring system provides, the decision was made to permanently install the Uptime Solutions vibration monitoring system on all of the Cooling Tower fan gearboxes.

The success of the installation has led to growth into other areas of the site including feed water pumps, Kamyrs, Paper machines, Pulp mills, and more. Uptime Solutions’ versatility allows our condition monitoring system to be applicable to any industry.