Do you know what is going on with your critical pieces of equipment Right NOW?

With all of the thousands of gears, motors, fans, pumps, and other parts that you have to monitor, it can be difficult to keep track of all of them; especially when it comes to monitoring issues on a 24/7 basis due to an imminent failure of the equipment.

Online Wireless Monitoring System

All too often, people in the reliability field are aware of those phone calls where someone says that something doesn’t sound right on the machine, but by the time you get there the problem is no longer happening! Why not have a 24/7 Online Wireless Monitoring Solution to your problems. Don’t miss another anomaly because you did not get to the equipment fast enough. Uptime Solutions Advanced Monitoring system can do just that for you.

Uptime Solution’s machine condition monitoring system offers a cost-effective, accurate, and user friendly solution for all of your wireless needs. From switchboxes to entirely wireless triaxial and temperature sensors, Uptime has all of your needs covered. Also, because Uptime can provide you with any type of cables, sensors, enclosures, and more, we are a one-stop shop for your Condition Monitoring needs.

Prevent Critical Asset Failures

Uptime has the ability to monitor your critical equipment on a 24/7 365 basis. This advanced system can catch the issues as they occur. Do not miss another abnormality in your machinery. The system can transmit full spectral and waveform data as fast as every 30 seconds.