Completely Wireless Monitoring Solution for Moving Equipment: Dime a Dozen?

With all of the options available in vibration monitoring systems it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one is best for your company. Understanding your reliability needs, finding a system that gives you accurate, essential vibration and process sensor data to pinpoint issues are very important, and of course COST. Finding a TRULY wireless monitoring system can be easy, but can it give you results?

The Storm-X – Advanced Monitoring Solution for Predictive Maintenance

The other day a client called looking for an advanced monitoring solution that could offer cost-effective vibration monitoring, as well as, being a completely wireless sensor monitoring system. The client was directed to the Storm-X product that Uptime offers. The Storm-X is an innovative triaxial accelerometer sensor with a built-in temperature sensor. This sensor provides trend, spectrum, and waveform data plus temperature for fast and accurate vibration monitoring.

The client installed the sensor on a moving piece of equipment and was able to diagnose an out race defect within 48 hours. Because of the accuracy and clarity of the data the sensor provided in conjunction with the diagnostic capabilities of the Uptime Software, He saved the company thousands in downtime and overtime which in turn earned him a few “at-a-boys” from the powers that be.