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Benefits of Wireless Triaxial Vibration Sensors – All those points in one for what?

Wireless Vibration Monitoring Systems

Triaxial wireless vibration monitoring sensors give you three vibration monitoring sensors in one. One sensor provides you with Horizontal, Vertical, and Axial position readings, and there is no need for cables. Sounds great! But why would you need this? What are the benefits to using wireless triaxial vibration sensors for vibration diagnostics?

By using a triaxial sensor the analyst can detect a misaligned coupling, electrical issues, unbalance, and more. Also, different positions on the bearing could give a different frequency. With the triax you would be able to eliminate structural influence into your reading, such as gear mesh, versus being able to catch a defect when the equipment is in phase. Using a triax could help to realize what is extraneous vibration and what is an actual event.

Cost and Labor Advantage to Wireless Triaxial Sensors

There is a cost and labor advantage to using the triaxial sensor. You can buy one stand alone sensor versus buying three sensors and the cables. Plus, someone will have to put the cables in conduit or up out of the way of the machine process, you will have to install all three of the sensors, and potentially risk damage to the cable or sensors when the equipment is to be worked on.

The sensor communicates by using a 900 MHz radio to send the high powered frequency back to a device that plugs into your network and sends data back to the server or computer of your choosing.

Triaxial Wireless Vibration Monitoring System

Storm-X Wireless Monitoring System

Battery Powered Wireless Vibration Sensors

Uptime Solutions has created a battery powered triaxial wireless vibration sensor that contains a temperature sensor built into it. There is an expansion port that allows for external power, but the battery can give you upwards of 2000 readings. The sensor communicates by using a 900 MHz radio to send the high powered frequency back to a device that plugs into your network and sends data back to the server or computer of your choosing. The Uptime Triax sensor is not labor intensive because it is installation of one sensor with no cables versus four sensors.

Storm-X Triaxial Wireless Vibration Monitoring Sensor

The Uptime Solutions’ triaxial wireless monitoring sensor is a great vibration monitoring tool to have in your PDM tool box. The cost effectiveness of being able to have three vibration sensors with an additional temperature sensor and not have to buy any cables or have to drill into the hosing multiple times is worth it alone. The fact that you would be able to quickly deploy the unit in the field and be able to monitor your asset 24/7 for continuous monitoring from your computer is an extra bonus! Do not miss another potential defect because you were not around to catch it!

Do you know what is going on with your critical pieces of equipment Right NOW?

With all of the thousands of gears, motors, fans, pumps, and other parts that you have to monitor, it can be difficult to keep track of all of them; especially when it comes to monitoring issues on a 24/7 basis due to an imminent failure of the equipment.

Online Wireless Monitoring System

All too often, people in the reliability field are aware of those phone calls where someone says that something doesn’t sound right on the machine, but by the time you get there the problem is no longer happening! Why not have a 24/7 Online Wireless Monitoring Solution to your problems. Don’t miss another anomaly because you did not get to the equipment fast enough. Uptime Solutions Advanced Monitoring system can do just that for you.

Uptime Solution’s machine condition monitoring system offers a cost-effective, accurate, and user friendly solution for all of your wireless needs. From switchboxes to entirely wireless triaxial and temperature sensors, Uptime has all of your needs covered. Also, because Uptime can provide you with any type of cables, sensors, enclosures, and more, we are a one-stop shop for your Condition Monitoring needs.

Prevent Critical Asset Failures

Uptime has the ability to monitor your critical equipment on a 24/7 365 basis. This advanced system can catch the issues as they occur. Do not miss another abnormality in your machinery. The system can transmit full spectral and waveform data as fast as every 30 seconds.