TS-1X Thermo-RTD AMP


Six Channels of Signal Conditioning & Amplification

TS-1X Thermo-RTD Amplifier

The THERMO-RTD AMP provides six channels of signal conditioning and amplification for DC sensors. The THERMO-RTD AMP directly connects to a TS-1X wireless monitoring system, and can also be used as a stand alone unit. The buffered amplifier output can be read by a standard volt meter or applied to a system that accepts DC inputs.

The Amplifier also provides a direct snap in connection for 4-20ma input sensors, and for DC inputs of arbitrary inputs voltages (requires a blocking resistor).

The THERMO-RTD AMP has the following features:

  • Six channels; able to amplify six independent signals.
  • Each channel can be independently configured for DC, RTD, or Thermocouple.
  • Conditions RTD sensors – 2, 3, or 4 wire.
  • Conditions type J/K/T thermocouples.
  • Accepts DC inputs (0-maxV) with blocking resistor.
  • Can be used directly with the TS1X wireless monitoring system or in a stand alone configurations.
  • Accepts 4-20ma input signals.
  • Provides regulated 20V output for powering current loop sensors.
  • 0 to 85 degree C operational range.
  • Rugged waterproof IP67 sealed case.