TS1X Wireless Data Collector

TS1X Wireless Data Collector

Wireless solutions for machinery analysis

TS1X Wireless Data Collector
TS1X Wireless Data Collector

The TS1X unit is an advanced wireless monitoring system supporting a wide variety of analog inputs. It is capable of sampling 7 channels of analog data at rates up to 160Khz, and 6 channels of DC data. A seamless connection for process inputs is provided for the TS1X Thermal Amp, where external sensors, such as cold junction thermocouples or RTDs are amplified and conditioned.

The vibration channels provide a standard 20V/4ma current feed for biasing accelerometers. This bias voltage can be disabled to allow direct AC inputs from other devices such as proximity probes.

The wireless unit communicates back to the base station via long range 900Mhz radio. An optional build option allows WLAN communication (802.11G) for higher speed shorter range applications.

The TS1X unit includes a high performance digital signal processor (DSP) that allows advanced analysis programs within the unit (as custom configurations). This includes data compression, encryption, and error correction for the wireless link, and the ability to do advanced frequency domain analysis on the unit, as well as setting alarms and making other real time decisions without having to contact the base station.

On board memory of 2 megabytes allows samples times of up 3 hours at low sample rates, and 1 minute at the maximum rate.

Real time data stream is available over WLAN, with a maximum sample rate that depends on the network performance of the connected WLAN access point.

The TS1X unit provides input buffering and filtering on the AC channels, including programmable low and high pass filters, and an analog integrator. Low frequency signals near DC can be measured with a direct coupled input setting.

Key Features

  • 7 analog AC inputs with frequency ranges from sub hz near DC up to a 160Khz sample rate.
  • Simultaneous sampling of 7 AC inputs at 20KHz sample rate and below. Single channel sampling at rates above 20kHz.
  • 6 DC/process inputs with on-board filtering.
  • 1 Tachometer input allowing TTL or high voltage tach pulses (jumper selectable).
  • Long range wireless connectivity using a high powered advanced 900MHz radio. Ranges of up to 2 miles in outdoor environments.
  • Optional WLAN radio, 802.11G, for high speed connectivity.
  • High speed data streaming (real time) over the WLAN network.
  • On board sample memory allowing 2million samples at rates from 64 to 160Khz
  • On board analog conditioning circuits with programmable high and low pass filters.
  • On board digital processing for advanced functions (spectrum analysis, alarms).
  • Analog integration for acceleration to velocity translation
  • Water and weatherproof durable casing sealed to IP67 standards and including standard BNC connectors for signal inputs.