Uptime Solutions StormXT


The Most Complete System Available

The StormXT unit is a derivative of the StormX unit.

The application for this unit is to measure highly accurate ambient temperature.

The StormXT unit has one internal temperature sensor.

The unit runs stand alone with batteries. High performance, high temp non-rechargeable lithium batteries are employed in the design.

The wireless unit communicates with the EthernetBridge via long range 900Mhz radio.

StormXT has the following features:

  • Highly accurate Internal Sensor; 0.5degC accuracy
  • Long range wireless connectivity using a high powered advanced 900MHz radio.
  • Water and weatherproof durable casing sealed to IP67 standards.
  • External antenna for long range communication.
  • Anti-caustic casing.
  • Battery operation.
  • High temp design to 90C
  • Battery monitoring features.

StormXT SKU Options

  • StormXT: Unit includes an internal temperature sensor
  • StormXT-Battery: Battery for the StormXT