Advanced Wireless Monitoring System

Uptime Solutions MistLX

The MistLX unit is an advanced wireless monitoring system that integrates a piezo-ceramic accelerometer, an ultrasonic sensor, and temperature sensor into a small form factor battery powered housing.

The MistLX unit includes a high-performance digital signal processor (DSP) that allows advanced analysis programs. This includes data compression, encryption, and error correction for the wireless link, and the ability to do advance frequency domain analysis on the unit.

MistLX SKU Options

  • MistLX Unit inlcudes accelerometer, ultrasonic sensor, and temperature sensor
  • MistLX-Battery Battery for the MistLX
  • MistLX-MP Mounting Pad for MistLX; high-temp strength and corrosion resistant

Key Features

  • 1 internal high accuracy Piezo accelerometers (Z).
  • 1 internal 40kHz piezo with heterodyning circuit.
  • Onboard decimation filter and alias filter.
  • High accuracy internal surface temperature measurement.
  • Wireless connectivity using BlueTooth radio technology.
  • On board sample memory allowing 3200 lines of resolution at sample rates from 64Hz to 10kHz.
  • Water and weatherproof durable casing sealed to IP67 standards.
  • Anti caustic casing made from stainless 316 and corrosion resistant plastics.
  • Battery operation.
  • High temp design 175F.
  • Battery monitoring features.
  • Multi-year battery life depending on configuration.

Part Number: MistLX