Ethernet Bridge

Ethernet-USB Bridge

Access TS-1X Units via Ethernet or USB

Ethernet Bridge for Industrial Asset Monitoring System
Ethernet-USB Bridge

The ETHERNET-USB Bridge is used to provide access to TS-1X units via an Ethernet or USB connection. The Bridge uses 900Mhz radio signals to communicate with TS-1X units. An Ethernet connection (10/100) provides an IP Interface to the TS-1X server (running on a windows PC). The Bridge can also be directly connected via USB to a windows PC running the TS-1X server.

The Ethernet-USB Bridge is available in three SKU options:

  • ETHERNET-USB Bridge: Ethernet and USB connections
  • ETHERNET/POE-USB Bridge: Ethernet and USB connections. and POE
  • USB Bridge: USB connection only

Key Features

  • Remote connection to TS-1X units via Ethernet
  • POE Ethernet option to eliminate remote power supply
  • USB connection to local computer
  • 900MHZ radio technology, .25 mile range (outdoor)
  • Easy setup and configuration via Ethernet
  • Controls over 200 TS1X units (controlled by SW sampling parameters)
  • Six independent operating channels
  • 0 to 70 degree C operational range