Data Transfer

Data Transfer Box

Import Data Into Existing Plant Systems

Data Transfer for Industrial Asset Monitoring Systems
Data Transfer

The Uptime Solutions TS-1X-Data Transfer unit provides an easy way to provide analog data to a 3rd party DCS (Distributed Control System). The Data Transfer unit provides 4-20ma outputs for plant project control systems. The outputs are derived from data collected by the TS-1X wireless data collector, and typically come from physical equipment such as switches, pumps, sensors and valves. The TS-1X Data Transfer unit provides 32 channels of 4-20ma data outputs.

The TS-1X-Data Transfer has the following features:

  • 32 output channels to DCS; 4-20ma each
  • Coax connection for each channel (2 pin)
  • Ethernet connection to IP network
  • SW server to export text data from TS1S data base; mapping of parameters to 4-20ma outputs
  • Accepts 3rd party input (does not require a TS1S data collection system)
  • 24V DC power supply
  • Industrial case