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TS-1X Software

The TS-1X PATHFINDER Software Suite is designed for the Windows Operating Systems, XP, Win7, and Win8. The software suite consists of multiple programs to provide a flexible and scalable solution to machinery monitoring and analysis.

Pathfinder Online Monitor

PATHFINDER Online Monitor provides all “live time” data collection, control and display functions at each local unit. The overall data gauges show the values being recorded for each sensor input. If a spectral band value is in alarm, the arrow color changes to yellow or to red if the value is in a fault condition. Online Monitor provides single or multiple displays of waveforms, spectra, trends and orbits.

Database Editor

The Database Editor program is used to configure and edit the database used by the monitoring unit(s) for a given application. This program allows the user to create the database tree that will be used by the system and then set the important database parameters for each level in the database tree. Typically PATHFINDER personnel will assist the end user in setting up the first database as part of the system commissioning process.


The PathFinder program is used to get historical data from the database, for machinery diagnostics and analysis. PathFinder has many tools and features developed specifically for the machinery analyst, by programmers who have a background in vibration and machinery diagnostics. PathFinder is compatible with Microsoft Office. Data may be viewed graphically or as raw data in any Office program. Simply copy and paste into Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.

Smaart Monitor

SmaartMonitor reflects the main screen data from Online Monitor to a local PC using Ethernet. Users can see the data from Pathfinder but are not allowed to modify the configuration. This is a “safe” way for non administrators to view field data without the risk of modifying the configuration or database.

TS1 Server

The ts1_server is used to control the field units (TS-1x units) and configure the TS1 hardware system, providing an abstraction layer between the radio link and physical units and the Pathfinder Software. It is used to find and initialize the TS1 units, configure base stations Ethernet addresses, and set the channel on the RF interface.

Bearing Database

The bearing database provides a seamless integration path to import bearing frequencies in the Maars monitoring system. It includes thousands of bearings from multiple vendors.

System Monitor

The Uptime Solutions system monitor is a utility that watches critical components of the HW/SW system and alerts the user if one should fail. Notifications are sent for conditions such as losing power in a field unit, losing power in a base station, Ethernet failure, or loss of network drive.

Data Transfer Server

The Data Transfer Server provides a method to export PI tags to the TS-1X Process box. The TS-1X Process box is an Ethernet connected device, and generated 4-20ma outputs for a 3rd party process interface.