Uptime Solutions AirBase


The AirBase is used to provide access to the Uptime Field Units via the internet. The user can connect from a standard computer anywhere with internet access and be able to connect to the AirBase station to view data. The AirBase uses 900Mhz radio signals to communicate with Uptime Field Units: TS1X-Brick, TS1X, StormX, MistLX, and EchoBase. A cell modem from ATT or Verizon is used to connect the AirBase to the internet. (Note: Uptime can support most cellular carriers)
The AirBase can also be used with plant WIFI and no cellular service is required.

AirBase SKU Options

  • AirBase: Provides access to the Uptime Field Units via the internet

The AirBase has the following features:

  • Remote connection to Uptime Field Units (listed above) over the internet
  • 110V power supply connection
  • High end embedded Windows PC
  • Win10 IOT operating system
  • 900MHZ radio base station
  • Touch screen for local viewing of data or field setup
  • ATT or Verizon Cell Modem
  • Maars SW or WorldView SW Suite
  • 0 to 55 degree C operational range

Part Number: AirBase