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Advanced Solutions for Industrial Monitoring

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Uptime Solutions is a privately funded company developing wireless products for machinery management. Uptime Solutions was formed in 2010 by a team of industry leaders in the area of industrial and wireless products. By capitalizing on rapid advances in lower power CMOS processors and converters, high density battery technology, and low power radio technology, Uptime Solutions is able to provide the most advanced solutions for industrial monitoring available.

The Uptime Solutions product family is targeted for wireless industrial monitoring systems and is comprised of both hardware and software components. The TS1 hardware sensor series provides a powerful hardware platform to monitor bearings and other machinery signatures. TS1 technology employs 900MHz and 802.11 (WIFI) radio technology to form a reliable and self-forming monitoring system.

Patents Pending: US20150264586, US20150169190, US20150366001, US20150355216