• Wireless Solutions for
    Machinery Analysis
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    Triaxial, temperature, full spectrum
    & waveform. Battery or mains powered.

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Asset Monitoring

Fans, Pumps, Motors, Gear Boxes, Turbines, Tank Levels, Pressure & Flow, Temperature and More. Learn more

Accelerometers & Sensors

Uptime Solutions can provide a wide range of accelerometer products and sensors with a 4/20 ma output. Learn more

Software Solutions

Our software includes multiple programs, providing a flexible and scalable solution for machinery monitoring & analysis. Learn more

Industrial Monitoring & Measurement

Real-time 24/7 Asset Monitoring

Uptime Solutions provides an industry-leading wireless monitoring system that offers manufacturing plants an alternative to traditional data collection techniques. With real-time 24/7 monitoring at your finger tips, you will not miss a potential critical asset failure.

By capitalizing in rapid advances in lower power CMOS processors and converters, high density battery technology, and low power radio technology, Uptime Solutions is able to provide advanced solutions for industrial monitoring.

Vibration Monitoring System

Less headaches

Machinery parts saved

Downtime prevented


We knew a roll would need to be replaced soon, and we set a specific date to take the machine offline. By installing the Uptime Solutions asset monitoring system we quickly learned the machine would not make it to our target date and we replaced it immediately. This knowledge saved us literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential damage had that machine failed.